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Our Mission

World's Food Supply

Aero Fleet One designs tools and implements systems that make crop protection less expensive and more efficient than conventional methods.

World's Energy Supply

Aero Fleet One drones have the necessary range and payload capacities to fly BVLOS missions in weather conditions inherent to the Oil and Gas and Power Transmission industries. Through our work in energy we are working to help the energy industry become more safe.

Mark Erjavec on the AeroFleetOne Business Case

Low Altitude Flight for Aerial Application

Drone Development Progress Over Time

Business Units

Our Airframes
Our Airframes

Heavy Payload - Aero Fleet One focuses on airframes that can carry heavy payloads, typically 20-150 pounds. Long Range- our drones can go up to 300 miles. Gasoline Powered- our powerful engines allow us to lift heavy things and operate in diverse climate conditions.

Our Guidance System
Our Guidance System

Aero Fleet One utilizes a proprietary guidance system that enables us to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight. We fly at a lower altitude than other high speed drones. Our BVLOS - guidance system simultaneously calculates and adjusts to weather conditions.

Our Operations
Our Operations

Aero Fleet One trains drone pilots to use our unique airframe and guidance system. Our ground and administrative team facilitates the regulatory paperwork and permission to fly missions for our clients in multiple and complex jurisdictions.

Where We Are

AeroFleetOne serves North, Central and South America.

Where we operate

Projected Timeline


Development of Training Program targeting Generation Z


Certification & Training Program Trials


Training Program Implementation & Drone testing & Development of Operations Platform


Roll up Of Conventional Aerial Application Businesses


Proliferation & Fleet Implementation

Our Team

Allan Dosan

Allan Dosan Allan Dosan

Market Development

Destiny West

Destiny West Destiny West

Team Lead

Maria Dyatchyna

Maria Dyatchyna Maria Dyatchyna

Analyst and European Representative

Mark Erjavec

Mark Erjavec Mark Erjavec


Matheus Picinin

Matheus Picinin Matheus Picinin

Marketing & Social Media

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Head Office

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Phone: +1 (701) 214-4177

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